Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road trip: day 4

Day 4:  Burlington, VT to Boston, MA


We stayed overnight at my travel partner's uncle's home in Burlington - an expansive home full of sports equipment galore and everything that could make the neighborhood kids love it.  They live a block from Lake Champlain, the lake that we ferried across the night before.

Lake Champlain in the morning - it reminds me of Lake Mille Lacs

Enjoying the view and the sunshine.

Ben and Jerry's!

The factory is really nestled within the mountains, I love it. 

Cabot Cheese!

The cider mill - alas, wrong season for operation, but I was able to get some apple molasses to use in something or other.  Not sure yet - probably cakes and sauces, but salad dressing may work as well.

Not pictured:  a stop at the lovely NH state liquor store to stock up:
--vodka for making vanilla
--gin for the Tom Collinses at girl's night (my first try of gin, ever.  I know, I know.  I've lived under a rock.  But---lemon and gin fit so well together!)
--campari to make a wonderfully tart David Lebovitz grapefruit campari sorbet that was the most lovely shade of coral
--Disaronno, for I owe a composer friend of mine a batch of amaretto chocolate chip cookies once it's cool enough to send them his LA way (meaning December.  But I don't get to NH often, so there you are).

We arrived home around 4, just in time to get everything clean and put away, and hey, get ready for the lab meeting I presented on Tuesday!   Fun, fun, oh yes.  Our total mileage for the trip ended up being 1437 miles, with 32 mpg...not bad, little car.  You served us well.


CabotCoop said...

It's so beautiful! Thanks for coming by to see us at the Cabot Annex :) Did you have a cider donut at Cold Hollow? OMG, so yummy!

Enjoy the rest of the trip!

Bryan said...
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