Monday, June 27, 2011

Road trip: day 3

 Day 3:  Niagara Falls, ON to Burlington, VT

Rainbow Bridge

Under the rainbow bridge.

Little did I know that the Canadian side of the falls is a tourist trap full of wax museums, haunted houses, and casinos...

 I guess they thought it was a good idea?  I'm not convinced. 

Boston Pizza.  I'm not sure what Boston-style pizza is, so...yes. 

We had breakfast at Tim Hortons - maple donuts are delicious.

Getting ready to board the Maid of the Mists!

 Breakfast still in hand...good thing the ponchos are gigantic.

All smiles!

I was speechless.  I could literally not believe that this place existed.  Incredible.  (this is the American falls, by the way).

The Canadian Falls.  (how is this real?  Blows my mind.  That, and the fact that the vast majority of the water is held back for hydroelectric power means that the falls would look even more spectacular in real life)

 The mists

Very wet. 

American Falls, from the promenade on the Cana

Guard tower at the border crossing

Michael's Inn (literally a block from the border crossing)

We stopped in Utica for a late lunch (early dinner?  The only other people in the restaurant were seniors).  It was a town that seemed far too quiet and empty, but it must have been quite a hopping town during the shipping era (Utica is on the Erie Canal trading route). 

Then - there was a ferry!!  I was super excited to drive onto a boat.

Our little car - on a boat!  (you can see the bridge under construction in the left side of the photo)

 Hey guess what!?  We're on a boat!

I don't know what this is (lights maybe?)  but it's cool.

 Welcome to Vermont!

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