Sunday, June 26, 2011

Road trip: day 2

 Day 2:  Fishkill, NY to Erie, PA to Niagara Falls, ON

Early in the morning, my traveling partner gave me the tour of her home.  The lot backs right up into a woody area, giving me a jolt of homesickness. 

The tour included the backhoe outside of my window.  Excellent.

We ate a lovely breakfast of ham and chocolate waffles before heading off to Erie bright and early.

The church - spectacular ceiling.
Outside the church, waiting to blow bubbles!


 Watching the first dance.

Red and blue!  (and I know, those sleeves!  It was chilly out.  And I was cold).

The McCormick ladies

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Heels and nylons meant no dipping feet in the lake for me...sad.

The traveling companions!

The 94 stairs that take you back to the camp.

Dunes and rock formation.

Sunset over Lake Erie

The sun was setting, dinner was over, the peanut blossoms were on their way to being demolished, and we headed towards Niagara Falls - my first time out of the country since Sweden in seventh grade.  The lines at the border crossing weren't too long at 10:30 at night, and it wasn't long before we were situated in our hotel.  I grabbed the leftover stash of peanut butter blossoms hungrily, and turned on the tv.  I channel-surfed, enjoying commercials for things that are very Canadian, and hit on Star Wars - "-------, Star Wars is on!"  We sat on our hotel beds drinking lambrusco and inhaling cookies, enjoying the fact that we were both doing exactly what we wanted at that point.  What is it they say?  ...something like before you move in together, take a three day road trip and really deal with someone's quirks 24-7.  We passed that test with flying colors. 

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