Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jazz Age Lawn Party!

The Jazz Age Lawn Party has been held on Governor's Island for seven years now, and what started as a free, cozy get-together has turned into an event overflowing with guys and gals.

(and honestly, in my estimation, they had about three times as many people as they could handle comfortably; they really need to do some thinking on how to smartly expand without losing charm.  It won't be easy, but they need more space, a better system for food and drink options, and a much larger dance floor.  But!  Despite these small details, it turned out to be quite the wonderful day!

We took the 1 train down to the Ferry, and our people came out in full force!  (it's funny, the rest of the crowd looked extremely confused about the whole thing). 

(don't mind the scowls, these two and their mom/aunt were in such good spirits, I just caught them at an awkward moment)


For the gentlemen.

Blue skies!


The hat!  The pearls!

So jealous of the picnic baskets!  But that would have been too tough to bring all the way from Boston.



My lovely traveling companion, wearing a ring that belonged to my grandmother.

We were joined by a dapper young gent and his mother, decked out in her finest.

Next year, I'm bringing a parasol.

St. Germain was the beverage purveyor of the day, and gosh, was the St. Germain and champagne drink just splendid.

Striking a pose

 part two tomorrow!


Mary Kay said...

I LOVE your shoes, the lady's red hat, your grandmother's ring, the mother and her son, etc., etc.. Thanks for posting lots of photos. It looks like a wonderful day!

Bridget said...

It was an absolutely wonderful day - such a fun adventure!