Thursday, July 19, 2012

An American in Paris

During the summer, the Boston Harbor Hotel shows movies over the harbor on Friday nights; excitedly, I checked out the schedule, and found that An American in Paris was on the docket for July!  And having just seen the music from the ballet performed live by the Boston Pops, it seemed a great idea to attend.

I called ahead to see about making a reservation, but was assured that, while tables are first come, first serve, we'd absolutely get a table if we arrived at 6:30pm.  Um, not so accurate, quite frankly.  We arrived and were told a two hour wait...and put our names in and promptly sat down on the steps for those folks that don't want to pay for the $25/table minimum.  We were called for a table in the back 45 minutes later, but at that point, we had already sent one of our number for Chiptole-based provisions.  In the meantime, we other two held down the fort, fighting off interlopers who expected us to scrunch up as tiny as possible on uncomfortable steps while wearing skirts (both of us) and having a bad knee (me).  Sorry, but no.  I hate to be the rude Samaritan here, but I've been sitting here for two hours, and no, I will not sit for the duration of the movie that I waited for uncomfortably and in pain.  Sorry. 

But!  Burritos arrived, and we were fed, and happy, waiting for the movie to start.

Our view of the show, extra kissing included courtesy of the couple on the left.  And Gene Kelly, what a showman.

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Miss Outlier said...

So much fun! Glad we went.