Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boston Pops does Gershwin

 A beautiful day to walk across the river.


Our second balcony seats---and let's just say that the outside isn't the only part of Symphony Hall that is totally blinged out during a Pops Concert!

The program was all Gershwin set, which started with a photo montage to "Love is Sweeping the Country" ---and there was a nifty attachment to the conductor's stand that played the montage with an added metronome flash to ensure that the orchestra matched the visual changes.  Next was the classic favorite "Rhapsody in Blue."  Then, they truly blew me away with the "American in Paris" ballet---played to the actual movie ballet onscreen.  Amazing. 

The last set of music was accompanied by the Boston Conservatory Theater Division---eight young artists took the stage to sing and dance to Gershwin's Tin Pan Alley melodies.  They did a great job, that's for sure.  All in all, a wonderful $5 evening. 

On the way home.

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Mary Kay said...

Hearing the Boston Pops play Gershwin is on my bucket list. What a great deal for $5!