Monday, May 7, 2012

time for pictures!

The day dawned muggy and bright, the hair was sprayed into place, and off we went to the Arch for pictures!  One of the girls spritzing our bouquets had my camera and took all of these fabulous shots.

We're supposed to be looking casual here. 

Preparation for the shoe picture---hiking up a dress while holding a bouquet is tricky.  (in retrospect, we should have handed them over to the gents..)

But they were busy entertaining the baby!

I love this photo.

Pretty pictures of the skirt!


The Arch!

30 seconds after this picture was taken, it started to pour.  And the pouring turned into small hail, and a groomsman recieved a text from his kids with baseball-sized hail on the lawn...scary.

So, the decision was made to have the wedding indoors on site (there was a chapel above the reception hall).  And wouldn't you know, the tornado sirens went off just as we were walking down the aisle!  I was the first one to go, can you say nervous?  But one of the relatives found me later and said, "You just had such a big smile, I could tell that in spite of everything and such a busy day that you were so happy to be there!" 

Then, we partied.  No pictures, but rest assured there was lots of music for the Jersey girls in the audience, and lots of party tunes to keep us dancing!

After the evening was over, a return to the hotel yielded a parking lot full of smashed windshields and giant divots that were a testament to the baseball-sized hail that had descended a few hours earlier.  I helped a girlfriend get her car into the parking garage, taking pictures to send off to her insurance company in the morning (can you believe those dents?  You can also see that the case to her passenger-side mirror is totally knocked off).

About 95% of cars in the parking lot had severe hail divots, 75% had one glass bit of their car ruining, and about half had both front/back windshields broken in.  And the groom's car?  Totaled.   While no one expected to making insurance claims on the night of the wedding, no one could argue that it wasn't memorable. 

Eshakti dress number two!  And a bride that is so sick of smiling, but gamely agreed to a late-night photo.


Rick L said...

A few questions,
Why do they take a shoe picture? Comes across as just a picture of feet.

What is a "bouquet spritzer?" Is it someone's job simply to continually dust your bouquets with light mists?

Glad to see it was just "readjusting" and not you simply coping a feel caught on camera. (I know you're groaning and rolling your eyes for that comment, but it's inappropriateness made me chuckle. Thinking about it, I could see Eric enjoying that comment.)

Bridget said...

1. Shoe pictures are just another perspective from the whole day; trust me, we took zillions.

2. When you take bouquets of flowers out of water, they start to wilt. So yes, it was someone's job to walk around with a spritzer and make sure they stayed pretty and turgid.

3. Who said I didn't?

Mary Kay said...

Looks like it was a thrilling day - from the wedding, to the Arch to the hail. I can't believe all of the damage that was done to the cars. Memorable, indeed!

You look beautiful in your dress (as does the bride)! Congratulations to the newlywed couple. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Bridget said...

Thanks Mary Kay! I did have a lovely time, and I'm sure that the newlyweds are enjoying their trip to Belize, quite excited for the rest of their lives together! :)