Wednesday, May 9, 2012

uplink with the ISS

My lab normally rocks out to any given genre of music, but this Monday, we listened to the uplink with the International Space Station from Minnesota's Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-8.  Despite a bit of static, the fact that I could hear over an internet connection a radio uplink being made with Ham Radio between St. Paul and something orbiting the Earth, well, that's pretty surreal, to say the least.   And when you put a speed and distance to it, it's even crazier:  the ISS is 250 miles above the Earth and moving at  17,500 mph. 

The Ham Radio Club out of Polk County, Wisconsin (close to the Twin Cities) just posted an update, with some pictures!

(mom's on the in front of the stage, on the left side in black)

The whole crew!

(if you're interested, there more on our local news station, Kare11)

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