Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pure Imagination

A few weeks back, the MIT Symphony recorded the song Imagination, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory--and the video featuring the song was just released today!  It's fun to see some of the zanier parts of campus in living color...none of this is embellished, truly.  And honestly, they missed the light saber fights, the nerf gun battles in the corridors, the nyan cat ice cream flavor forthcoming at Tosci's, this place is sometimes stranger than you'd ever imagine. 

(and if you hear a horn playing, it's me!  kind of exciting!)


Mary Kay said...

"Imagination" is the perfect song for MIT, although I'm sure that it would be a painful video to watch for those high school kids whose dream it was to go to there and who weren't accepted. Let's hope they don't see it!

I missed the horn. Can you please tell me the time or what's showing in the video so that I can listen to it?

Bridget said...

The horn comes in prominently around 2:10 and 2:59. It's also the color you here with the violins at 3:24. We don't have a super splashy part in this particular song, so it's not all that easy to find. :)

Rick L said...

Great sound! (Finally got over the wall to hear it.)