Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden Party!

The raw materials, before all the girls descended upon them!  Thread, ribbons, orphaned clip on earrings bought from this shop on Etsy, felt, glue guns, rhinestones, hair combs, and feathers (though these are on another table, they kind of make a huge mess and get everywhere.  Whoops).

The house team, all wearing their fascinators!  Love it.


Mary Kay said...

Very creative! I've been looking at fascinators because we're going to a horse race where all of the women wear hats, like at Ascot. Maybe I should just make one!

Bridget said...

Apparently fascinators have been banned at some events, though ours were rather tame, so you may be able to wear them. There's actually a really nice hat place in Boston called Salmagundi, though I don't know how they'd compare to the options in France!

Mary Kay said...

Thanks for posting the link for the article in the Guardian. I may use their criteria to "judge" the way that the women are dressed at the big event in France next month. Last year, I saw lots of fascinators and revealing dresses. I'll have to pay more attention to how the women in the inner circle are dressed this year.

If you want to see what some of the women were wearing, here's the link for a post that I wrote about last year's race:

Hats - Prix de Diane

Bridget said...

Gosh, I love it. So glamorous!