Saturday, May 5, 2012

the baby of the family, he's growing up!

The best text I've gotten in quite some time:

"I taught what you taught me to ----- today!!  I taught her how to waltz!!"

Now, I remember a few months ago, a friend was looking through my iTunes music and noticed that "Once Upon a Dream" --the lovely waltz tune from Sleeping Beauty--- had been played 22 times.  22 times.  Not even kidding (this is currently the record in my playlist, actually).  Despite the raised eyebrows, this is actually a pretty fabulous song to use for teaching a waltz since it's not too fast (a la Viennese waltzes) and not too slow (people tend to stumble more when the music is super slow, believe it or not).  And that is the waltz I used to teach him back in the day, to the 1-2-3s of the music.  Now, I hardly expect there will be a chance for him to show off his dancing skills at prom this evening, but they seem to have impressed the young lady in question.  Not that I actually remember much about my prom...people danced, appropriate amounts of drama were created by those in the class above me that always created drama, that's about it.

What I really remember most about prom was the hour my date and I spent with my ailing grandfather that afternoon, talking about college options, high school courses, complete with the life advice he always had in his back pocket. 

And right now, my littlest brother is at Prom.  I can hardly believe it.

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Rick L said...

22 plays is the record? I may be embarrassed admitting this, but that's so low. My record is 80 plays. Plus, I have 118 songs that have been played over 22 times. Most of them are, you guessed it, Glee. I kind of get hooked and then listen repeatedly.