Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mother and daughter, eating their way through Boston!

Two things my mom doesn't often eat at home:  nuts (my brother is deathly allergic) and East Coast-style seafood (we live in Minnesota...lobster rolls just don't happen).

(tangent about the peanuts...we had to excise nuts completely from our house when he was about 2 and I was 11.  My dad went from eating pb and j every day to just bread with grape jelly, and the two older kids lost the peanut-butter-on-a-spoon-with-chocolate-chips snack.  And mom?  She lost her favorite snack of roasted peanuts.  Anyway, not a big deal...all things are completely tangential when peanut dust could send him to the ER.  But--my first week in college on the dining plan, and they had a big tub of peanut butter in the sandwich line.  I had two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every lunch and dinner for a week.  I'm sure my new friends thought I was crazy.  Then I calmed down and started eating, you know, food besides peanut butter.)

Okay.  Back to eating our way through Boston.  I made a list of options sorted by neighborhood with links to their yelp page and reviews, and sent it off to mom for review.  Her first trip here, we had dinner at Legal Seafood, afternoon tea at L'Esaplier, and dinner at Brookline Family Restaurant.  So, she was definitely looking for new options, especially those a bit closer to home.  

Day One:  lunch at Cambridge Brewing Company

She had a flight of beers on the patio to go with our CBC burger (mm, onions cooked in ale!) and an egg salad sandwich.

We had dinner at S and I Thai in Allston - a little hole in the wall that seats about 10 people, and makes wonderful Thai.  If you want it spicy, be sure to ask for it spicy; they dull it down for the typical BU student's palette. 

Day 2 was the Fourth, and while my mom was dead set on introducing me to a Navy Officer here in town for Fleet Week, we decided to stay in and watch the show from the Penthouse.

Day 3:  We had a friend over for brunch and introduced her to grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; Skippy Superchunk Peanut Butter and white bread, with huckleberry jam.  So good.

We headed to Area Four for lunch and inhaled their garlic knots and pizza (as far as the former goes, I'm kind of addicted).

Dinner was chex mix and margaritas on the Penthouse patio.  Yes, we're adults.  And yes, it was delicious.

Day Four:  We picked up pastries in the North End before heading up to Maine; this is half of a sfogliatelle pastry from Modern Pastry.  I could eat one every morning for breakfast.  (also, if you're interested in seeing how one makes this sort of pastry, here's a video of Alex Guarnaschelli making her recipe). 

My mom has a thing about Dunkin Donuts iced tea. so we armed ourselves with giant iced teas for the trip.  It was definitely nice to get some caffeine on the early-morning train.  (more about Maine tomorrow!) 

Day Five:  We decided to walk to Cafe Luna for brunch, and had the mixed berry french toast and this wonderful country biscuit sausage egg jalapeño hollandaise wonderful.

(yes, this photo unfortunately took mom and the owner behind her unawares; but it's too delicious-looking not to share!)


Mary Kay said...

Oh, this post reminds me of when I visit Sara! We go to a lot of the same places. Haven't had the garlic knots at Area Four yet so will have to try them next time. Did you take your mom to Flour? I love their sandwiches and soups.

Mary Kay said...

One other question - is the guy behind your mom the owner of Cafe Luna?

Sara and I are always amazed by how friendly and relaxed he is even when there's a huge crowd of people waiting to have brunch.

Bridget said...

We went to Flour last time to have the Bobby Flay-trouncing sticky buns. And yes, the guy behind my mom is the owner, definitely a friendly sort of guy.

Mary Kay said...

Thanks. I did see the bit in your post about him being the owner and seem to remember that we had a conversation about him once but for some reason can't make that fact stick in my mind. I promise that I won't ask about him again!

I love, love, love the sticky buns at Flour!