Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney movie nights

The former babysitter in me loves a chance to spend an evening watching Disney, old, anything-but-a-sequel.  I spent my childhood adoring the Beast's library, squirreling away treasures like Ariel, and while I wasn't raised in a forest with singing animals as friends, I sometimes felt isolated in the same way that Aurora did.  My relationships with princesses were much more about the things we had in common, not the things that were different---the braces, CCD classes, penicillin, my completely not-princessy looks. 

And the suitcase full of surprises that I brought babysitting always had a Disney movie or two, something special to watch after their parents had gone off on their merry way. 

So when my girls asked for some Disney movie nights, I happily obliged.  Two weekends ago was Lady and the Tramp.  Does anyone else remember that the main characters were named "Jim Dear" and "Darling"?  No one else?  Yeah, totally went over my head, too. 

This past weekend, we watched The Lion King projected on one of the living room walls, complete with popcorn and sour patch kids.  About thirty girls hung out, some working on their laptops, some just enjoying the respite from a busy life of work.  And can I just say, wow, that soundtrack!  It's still just as good.

Also-- the recognition of the voices behind animated characters was a bit startling, I don't really remember having all of these associations as a kid.  I mean, Zazu was voiced by Rowan Atkinson!  And Jeremy Irons played Scar!  It's so strange to hear Rodrigo Borgia as a smarmy manipulative lion, and Mr. Bean sing about coconuts. 

On Friday, I'll be screening Beauty and the Beast in my apartment, and I have to tell you, I'm so excited.

That library!  Even so many years later, I still want that library.  (though, to be fair, I don't think I'd mind if the package included a well-read Prince Charming...)

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