Thursday, March 14, 2013

S and I To Go

...also known as my favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai place in Boston. It seats 14 people, but you can try and cram in more...if you try realllly hard.  S and I is in the cheap foreign food mecca of Allston/Brighton in Boston, which unfortunately overlaps with Boston University's slumlord haven.  Every city has one of those, right?

Green papaya salad - warning, packs a spicy kick!

Red vegetable curry

Crispy pork and basil with noodles

Happy and full of Thai

No visit to Allston is complete without a trip wandering through Super 88, which unfortunately smelled like lab-strength bleach + cleaning agent + fish (not appetizing, yikes).  Apparently Tuesdays at noon are cleaning time?  It was potent in there.

Crab snacks!  (I am such a sucker for cute animal cartoons!)

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