Friday, March 22, 2013

Le sacre du printemps

I have never met a piece that was more intense to rehearse in the evening, but what a show! MITSO actually recorded the piece to release on CD, so if I'm able to figure out some magical way to put up the mp3s here, I will!  But - for those of you that need memory-jogging about what the Rite of Spring is all about, the three essential concepts:

Riot (in Paris, at the 1913 premiere; 40 people were arrested!)  - picture from here

 Dinosaurs!  ...made popular by Disney's 19 movie Fantasia

Killing a virgin in a Pagan Ritual (what the original ballet was actually about; picture from here)

If you've never seen the ballet, the version of youtube isn't great, but it's really cool to watch:

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