Tuesday, September 23, 2014

...just when you thought they couldn't possibly be doing more construction on campus!

Not only is the nano.mit building all sorts of chaos...

...but now the chapel across the street is being renovated! 

From my inbox: 

"On Saturday 10-11-14 we will be removing the Bell Tower on the Chapel roof, installing new roof anchorage for the tower and then reinstalling the tower later that day.

The purpose of this notification is to make you aware that a crane will be arriving on site at approximately 4:30 am and some noise may travel when crane is set up at first light (approximately 6:30 am). The actual rigging will start prior to our agreed 9 am starting time due to the anticipated duration needed to complete this work (estimating a 12 hour duration)."
The 9 am start time is there because of me: after two days of the most horrendous racket from jackhammer-led demolition starting at 6:30 am on a weekday, I emailed in and said, "The area between Maseeh and McCormick is essentially an echo chamber.  Can we push back the starting time at all?  Students are trying to sleep."

Here's hoping it looks pretty!

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