Saturday, September 27, 2014

MIT Pumpkin Patch!

Every autumn, the MIT Glass Lab holds a two day event called the Pumpkin Patch.  On Friday night, all the pumpkins are laid out on tables under a tent in the Kresge Oval, and on Saturday morning, all the pumpkins are scattered across the ground awaiting the hoards of people in line to purchase their pumpkins. 

The system is unique - instead of bidding, or putting in numbers, marking down your favorite, you can get a number starting at 7 am for the opening at 10 am, and then they let you in.  You can buy as many pumpkins as you want, but finding your pumpkin of choice is an absolute challenge.  They aren't sorted by size, cost, color, anything.  You just wander around, seeing what strikes your fancy.  With prices ranging from $15 to $950, and every color of the rainbow, the pumpkin patch is full of every possible iteration you could imagine. 

I bought my mom one for Christmas my first year here, and now in my (hopefully) last year, I decided to buy pumpkins for my brothers and I!  Totally worth it. 

So.  many.  pumpkins.

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