Friday, December 26, 2014

A happy tropical holiday quintet concert!

My junior year of high school, my grandfather was too sick to go on his annual snowbird trip to Hawaii, to stay in Waianae and charm all the locals with his plum jam and kind heart.  So, we brought Hawaii to him that year, for a tropical Christmas.

We had already set our woodwind quintet concert date when we realized, uh...we're kind of playing all tropical music.  In December.  That's a bit odd.  So we embraced it!  Tropical Christmas it is.  For the afterparty, I ordered sushi (sweet potato from genki-ya for the win!), made tiki drinks, and put on Pandora's "Tropical Christmas" station (oh yes, it exists).

It's fun to see how many different ways I can hold events up in the Penthouse.  Midsommar dinner for 50?  Check.  Articles club?  Check.  Salon-style concert?  Check.

Tropical flowers and santa hats.  We are such a swell-looking group!

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