Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving at MIT

See that, Minnesota!  Snow on the ground.  For Thanksgiving.  Never mind that it didn't stick around, it was here!

I think "feast your eyes" is the appropriate phrase to use here.

Master carver.

These girls made turkey dumplings from scratch!  They turned out so well, yum!

McCormick Thanksgiving Pies - 2014

(back row)
Apple pie with dutch crumble (adapted from here)
Cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry (from here, really good!)
Double crust apple pie
Pumpkin pie (Smitten Kitchen)

(front row)
Pumpkin pie (Serious Eats)
Salty Honey pie (the surprise hit!)
Strawberry rhubarb (Smitten Kitchen)
Pecan pie (Amma's secret recipe)

Cutting the first slice of Kathy's magnificent chocolate mousse pie.

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