Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SWEA Swedish Christmas Festival + a language learning adventure

Another year, another Swedish Yuletide Festival!

Nothing says Swedish like pearl sugar and cinnamon!

I think Britta is excited.  Just a little. 

A Swedish Christmas jazz trio. 

My other adventure right now is Duolingo, an online platform for language learning.  It is admittedly not the best for language immersion before a trip to a country...the first sentence I learned was "A moose drinks water," which is downright useless.  Yet, it's a splendid way to learn the basics and how a language is constructed.  I'm also continuing to practice Spanish and French, and while I'm entirely sure my conversational French is sub-par, my next time in France will make so much more sense because my reading comprehension is at about 50%, which is a good deal more than none.  It's great to have 15 minutes a day to learn something completely unrelated to science - a good brain workout, to be sure. 

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