Thursday, December 4, 2014

McCormick Art Gallery - Fall 2014


While perhaps a bit challenging to adapt to photography, several of my submissions for the art show "Fantasia" were accepted!  

Alien Blossom
With petals rolled tightly and leading to an almost fluorescent blue center, this delightful beauty seemed truly out of this world.

Heaven is a Brass Band
Seen suspended high above a museum's rotunda, the light from above obscures the color of these instruments.  Yet, with their arrangement into a skydiving formation against the white of the ceiling, it's clear that heaven is sounding sweeter all the time.

Wings on Air
Always in motion, yet never moving.

Starflowers and Solder
The natural and the distinctly unnatural coexist in a surreal garden, leggy electronic bits and bobs mixed in among leaves.

The natural world is truly full of wonders: the pull of the moon's gravity creates these tiny fractal-like rivulets in the sand of a beach. 

One of the pieces was made using 3D printing--so cool!


Unknown said...

I love your contributions to the exhibit, Bridget!

Bridget said...

Thanks, oh mysterious unknown! :)

TomW said...

That is so cool.

Since all of your blog's close-up images look better than any given picture posted by me, I had assumed you were using some high-dollar camera with an unwieldly lense attached to the front.

While going in for a closer look at this post's images, I was floored when Flickr indicated you use a camera similar to what I have.

You certainly know your way around a camera.


Bridget said...

As you saw, it's a Canon S95 - I bought it because it was reviewed at the time as "the point and shoot of professionals." (I looked for the article, but I couldn't find it, sorry!)

That said, it isn't great in low really do need lots of natural light for great macro images.

The other important detail that you don't see is the percentage of photos I take for that look fantastic. It isn't a high number. :) But - it does get better with experience! And, notably, you never get a great photo if your camera always stays in your bag, or if it's too big to carry. You get great photos because you take photos, plain and simple.