Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clambakes! and farmer's markets! And MRIs!

Before last week, I'd never been to a clambake. But now that I know someone in the working world (cough) I had the chance!

Scott works at Lime Brokerage doing software development and programming - so far he's really liked his job, and while there are frustrations here and there, such is life.

The clambake was actually a summer party catered by Legal Seafoods on the rooftop of their office complex (where they usually eat lunch). There was also an open bar and lots of delicious desserts...I may or may not have had an entire lobster plus corn and cornbread and potato salad and three brownies and whipped cream. It was nice to meet Scott's co-workers, as well as some of the members of the New York office--apparently their office parties are quite the occasion!

Eating lobster and other sea critters is always odd for me because I was responsible for knowing every spinneret, every gill form, etc... for a class I took in undergrad called Invertebrate Zoology. I loved the course, but it's made me just a bit too aware of the parts of things I plan on eating. I guess at the end of the day I would prefer a lobster roll: still get a great taste, with someone else doing the work and not reminding me of mandible counts.

Friday night was peaceful spent at home making lemon-lime sorbet and lime-coconut banana bread (as well as playing a bit of catchup)

Saturday morning was the farmer's market in Cambridgeport--I bought lettuce, garlic scrapes, strawberries, ground beef, rhubarb, beets, and scallions.

garlic scape - the part of garlic that must be removed (or else you won't get the garlic bulb; you'll only get the garlic flower) - you can stir fry them, or put them in eggs...basically use them as you would garlic)

I also went to Goodwill, and found some amazing plates and bowls (yeah I know...addict).

Saturday night was Carolina barbeque pork with Jim, Jen, Tim, Chelsea, and Scott - dinner included pork (in my new crockpot), creamed corn, collard greens with bacon, Mojitos, and then ice cream and sorbet for dessert. It was wonderful!

Scott picked me up this morning to get an MRI done (bright and early at 8:45 am!). My knee has still been giving me trouble since my fall last July, and I'm starting to get really frustrated. Hopefully this can give me some answers...

Afterward, we went to a little diner down the street called "The Breakfast Club" - super cute and tiny, with the specials named after the characters in the John Hughes movie.

(not my picture; from Yelp)

Now I'm just chilling in Waltham doing some reading and such while Scott does a rowing class - we're planning to make smoked gouda and beet greens risotto tonight (with rhubarb/strawberry compote over ricotta cheese) -mmmm...

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