Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fifty Things in Five Years

I've been adding to this since's now finally ready for it's debut. Okay----go!

1. Graduate. (oh boy. this is a big one)

2. Dance at a ball in Vienna!

3. Host an REU student (a summer undergraduate student)

4. Prepare curriculum for malaria for ages K-12.

5. Visit DC and see the cherry blossoms bloom!

6. Weekend trips to:

Newport, RI
Providence, RI
Cape Cod
Martha's Vineyard
New Hampshire
The Jersey Shore
Acadia National Park

7. Go on brewery tours here in Boston with my brother

8. Pick my own berries and make homemade jam

9. Sew my own duvet cover

10. Make my own yogurt

11. Start (and continue) the tradition of "Monday Classic Movie Night"

12. See the band "Beirut" live

13. Store all of my things in fun vintage suitcases instead of office boxes

14. Keep an orchid alive.

15. Compost in my apartment

16. Finish 10 semesters with the MIT Symphony Orchestra

17. Go back to Gotland to visit Birgit and Åke (as well as visit Pallav's family in Stockholm and Ulrika in Uppsala)

18. Successfully refinish/reupholster something

19. Publish a paper

20. Find the perfect powerpoint font (I thought I liked Futura, but then I toyed with Gill Sans, and now I'm all in a tizzy because neither of those is quite right)

21. Plan all my meals, all the time

22. Get a DLSR and learn how to take fantastic photographs

23. Do the 100 pushups plan (may have to be modified due to a knee injury, but we'll see)

24. Have a shoe collection which is practical, lovely, and of very good quality.

25. Picnic in Boston Common

26. Visit all of the stops on the T (subway line) here in Boston, and see what's going on around them.

27. Make my own vanilla extract

28. Play horn in a friend's wedding (to be biased about my own instrument, Ave Maria on horn is simply gorgeous)

29. Hold a tea party, complete with cucumber sandwiches and macaroons!

30. Make spritz cookies

31. Go to a beach during the day wearing a two-piece swimsuit (this contains about 85 fears. Sharks, bikinis, sunshine, UV rays....thank goodness Aveeno makes SPF55)

32. Visit a certain someone in Canada

33. DIY space rack out of these tin canisters

34. Scan in all of the pictures from my childhood and archive them digitally

35. Embroider something

36. See the Northern Lights

37. Learn Swedish/Gotlandska

38. Have guests from out of town all the time! (if you come I will feed you copious amounts of cannoli!)

39. Learn how to play one song in full on guitar

40. Send out creative/fun/retro Christmas cards

41. Feel like I have kept in touch with friends from high school and college

42. Be in the best shape of my life (I may go into this one later, I may not. But rest assured, I'm trying to get there every day).

43. Learn how to cook with tofu.

44. Commission a painting from a friend here at MIT

45. Fix my broken jewelry, and then inventory all of it for safety/insurance/posterity

46. Fix my iphoto archives (currently a mess and a half)

47. Make a felt advent calender (kind of like this one)

48. Put one more stamp on my passport (besides the aforementioned Austria, Sweden, and Canada)

49. Have a midsommar celebration, complete with sill (fish), beet salad, new potatoes, strawberries and cream, cloudberry jam and baguettes, and lots of lingonberry and elderflower saft (juice concentrate-like thing)

50. Be there at my brother's college graduation to offer him a shot of Old Crow


mieletcannelle said...

oh doll!
ok - 8 and 9 I loved doing and had such a sense of accomplishment!
6 - Lets meet in Maine the first week in September, it will take care of #32 and will be AWESOME because I need somebody to catch me when I pass out from eating so much crab that I'm allergic to and won't give me dissaproving looks (jared) because I'm semi allergic. xo

Rick L said...

I am making a trip to Vienna later this summer/autumn. If you fly into Frankfurt, you will receive a Germany pass, then we can ride to Vienna. In Vienna, we will meet a friend, Anna, who studied with me at the U of M and who has a house in Budapest--your second passport stamp.
When would you like to arrive?

Lauren said...

Ohh we are four hours away from each other right now (me being in Vermont and all...)... did you know that if you added "Learn Russian" to the list, you could knock off TWO of your goals at once? :)

Vanilla extract is fun to make...I'd recommend vodka over bourbon. Try vanilla sugar too! It's nice to put on pies and baked goods.

Bridget said...

mieletcannelle: Maine is a definite possibility; I will check with my GRT employers to see the feasibility of day/weekend trips. And don't worry, I will catch you if you pass out :)

Rick: not this summer unfortunately...but if you are still there next year it's a definite possibility! It was great to talk with you yesterday as well!

Lauren: ohmigosh I forgot you were at Middlebury this summer! We should meet up! I will try and talk Scott into a weekend trip up there sometime soon - when do you leave? Also, Svedka Vodka is apparently the drink of choice for making vanilla extract...and I'm going to order a bunch of beans on Ebay, so I'll be sure to put some aside for vanilla sugar.