Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The bed problem.

You know that you have a problem with sleeping when either your uncomfortable bed keeps you awake or your uncertainty about what to do about said bed keeps you awake.

Some things I know:

-I will be in Boston for four-ish more years for sure. (maybe more, but certainly not less)
-I don't have a car, but I do have a Zipcar (not large enough for a mattress, so no matter what it would have to be delivered)
-The space in the bedroom lengthwise is rather small, so I do not want a footboard
-In terms of size, I'm at 80% full, 20% queen, -873% extra long twin

I feel like I have a few options: (prices are for the full size)

1. Ikea bed and frame all the way

Malm Bed - $179

Sultan Fossig Mattress: $429

2. Go to a mattress store and get the steel frame there along with a boxspring and mattress. The one that has the best reviews on Yelp in Boston is the Boston Bed Company. Yet---I still feel like I know nothing about mattresses. They are speaking another language.

However, due to the allergies, I think I'd go for the latex line, which puts a full at $1000 even (with a free frame to go with it)

3. My brother sent me some links from Walmart. I have to be honest, I have never seen a Walmart out here in Boston...

Topolino Full Platform Bed $170

4. Here's where I start to drool. And think, man, the thing I want most in graduate school is a good night's sleep. Recently, Sherry and John at Young House Love (DIY-ers that have fantastic taste and a great blog) wrote about their experience buying an organic mattress.

They found this review site for organic mattresses (prices go up $3400. For a queen! Gulp). But, their top pick was The Savvy Rest Natural Latex Mattress, a veritable bargain at $1999 (for a queen).

I decided to check it out...each bed has three layers, which are customized to your firmness specifications and makes the bed a full 11 inches tall. You have 90 days to exchange the layers if you feel like one is too hard or too soft.

Some sort of boxspring or a foundation is recommended underneath (which would be taken care of if I had the Malm). The mattress is made from organic wool, organic cotton, and natural latex. It is thus naturally flame retardant and great for allergies. And there's a 20 year warranty. A full costs $1849.

Then, Sherry and John posted their one month update. And raved and raved. My resistance is crumbling. But to make sure--- I emailed them and asked their thoughts on the issue, with the special caveat that I'm a student and don't know where I'll be in four years, etc.... Their answer?

"I say if you can afford it get the organic mattress! Every night we wonder why we put it off so long. You'll use it forever and love that you took the plunge!

Sherry (& John)"

I emailed my mom with the subject "come to jesus buy a mattress talk" with my quandry, and her thoughts were:

"Get a bed frame-metal frame. Get a box spring and mattress-full size. Get a large swath of cool, bright, happy, fun material or a couple of cool materials. Drape the material on the wall. This creates headboard. The End. Amen!"

I love my mom.

I'm still not sure on what to do, but I'm leaning right now at this very moment for the Malm and the Savvy Rest. Am I crazy? Or just thinking that $2000 is totally worth it for good sleep?


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Alyssa said...

I read somewhere that you should always buy the best shoes, mattress, and car that you can afford, as you'll be spending most of your life in one of those three.

I inherited a fanTAStic mattress from my mom when I moved into my apartment, and I would happily spend quite a bit of money if I needed to replace it. I think you should get whatever you want!