Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the new place

I was able to meet with the former McCormick GRTs about three weeks ago and get a sense of my new space: I have a combined living room/kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and two storage closets (not accessible from my apartment, but just around the corner).

Here's the architectural plans:

And my crude powerpoint additions:

One full Saturday and four carloads later, the apartment looked really---well, rough. Here are some photos of what the place looks like right now, after oodles of unpacking and nearly blowing my 40 hours on Pandora in one weekend:

The view from the front door

Looking to my left (fridge and cabinets)

A bit farther towards the window

Keep moving towards the window

Yeah, I'm a plant lady. It's confirmed. And pay no attention to the wonky-looking dying one...it's a calla lily that according to online sources I'm just supposed to let keel over, and then I put it in a dark place for six months, and then bring it out again to grow and blossom.

The desk (notice the cement bricks to make it even near high enough to work on)

Desk (with freesia from Trader Joe's as a house-warming gift to myself)

Looking back towards the kitchen area (the brown door goes into the bedroom)

Looking back towards the kitchen from the window

Taken from the window

Looking into my bedroom (brown thing is the built-in closet)

In my bedroom (taken from the doorway looking towards the window)

Bed! Not so comfortable, but that is how it is sometimes.

Bed plus part of the built-in

Looking at the shoe rack while standing in front of the closet

Looking straight ahead out my bedroom door while standing in front of the closet

Door to the bathroom (sorry about the blurriness) ---the last three pictures were taken in the exact same spot; shoe rack and bed to the right, door straight ahead, and bathroom to the left


Standing next to my bed looking out into the kitchen area

I'm still trying to figure out what and how I will be getting things, but my list does keep growing (the thoughts about how to most advantageously expand my arsenal of cooking supplies keeps me awake at night)

-KitchenAid Mixer (nope, not waiting until I get married to get this one, despite the plethora of suggestions that this is the easiest way to acquire this item)
-Pizza stone
-more cookie sheets and drying racks
-more Pyrex glass containers
-food processor
-air popper (for popcorn and movie nights!)
-rice cooker

Other items include a bed (oy. They let me borrow a twin bed, and while wonderfully nice of them, it's time to buy my own bed), BRAND NEW SHEETS, cause ya'll, I am so done with these faded lavender XL twin sheets, a desk/table, chairs, and most likely a bookcase of some sort. But right now---it's just lovely to be somewhere myself, even if my plants are all scattered on the floor, dishes I need to wash are piled on all of the countertops, and I have a bottle of vodka acting as a door stop. Welcome home.

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Rick L said...

you know, I tried that "vodka as a door stop thing too" but just couldn't keep the bottle full enough for the dang thing to ever work.