Sunday, August 30, 2009

on the merits of food processors.

I spent half an hour ooh-ing and aah-ing over the DVD that came with the food processor. I didn't know they sliced things! My mind is blown. I think, however, that food processors are generally more easy to use regularly if you have, say, a dishwasher. Now, I consider myself a fairly good dishwasher (I love doing dishes, actually), but there are so many little parts. It did make light work of an entire package of oreos, though (oreo truffles for the girls to go with their other options of peach sorbet, coffee ice cream, and lemon sorbet in the freezer). I am planning to make this odd frozen banana through food processor ice cream with a tidge of yogurt concocotion that I read about on Apartment Therapy...I'm a bit of a banana hoarder, and I think I have 8 in the freezer right now. Maybe I'll make banana muffins too...although not in my oven. This apartment is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but the interface design of putting a small oven in a corner so you can only access it from one side was downright dangerous. If I had a normal size oven, I'd be able to reach effectively into the oven to get things. Not so with this oven...I'd be burned even worse than my zucchini bread loaf pan scar (which is, alas, probably going to be a permanent reminder of how much I hate oil-spray stuff). Thank goodness there are two full kitchens on each floor. It makes me remember back to my year in Magill and being off the meal plan. That would be one kitchen for 104 students, where here there is one kitchen for, oh, 7-8 students.

I've also been rocking out to audition pieces lately:

Mendelssohn's Nocturne

and John Williams's The Cowboys

Oof. It's been a long summer away from horn...I just find that I don't enjoy playing alone. Well, the good news is that I won't be that way for long!

All right - off to lab I go!

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