Monday, August 31, 2009

Thrift stores...mmm...

...there are a lot. You might not notice them initially, but oh goodness they're there. Just waiting for you to enjoy them!

As most of my shopping is done in fits and starts, I'm going to group them by location. And --- there are several of you who will hopefully be joining me on such an adventure sometime soon.

Central Square/Harvard Square/Kendall Square

Goodwill - the characters Clothing here is very hit or miss, but sometimes you can find perfect dresses or cardigans. Their dishware is particularly disorganized, but there are gems hiding in with all of the chipped cast-offs. And teal dinner trays.

Salvation Army - small but sometimes containing treasures; books are 90% of their price, which makes older books cost pennies.

The Garment District - popular for halloween costumes and their dollar-a-pound pile of clothing, this store also has a classier upstairs room with "normal" consignment

Oona's - crazy vintage clothing that is of varying quality; the store owner is all about hats, so if you have a real interest in vintage hats, she'll probably keep on the lookout just for you.

Food on the way: Pinkberry Yogurt, crepes, Wagamama, or Four Burger.

Jamaica Plain

Dame - wonderful independent store selling selected vintage as well as items from local designers.

Boomerangs - large thrift store full of great clothing (J Crew black skirt for $8 and an Ikat dress for $6) as well as furniture and housewares.

Gumshoe - recently closed and reincarnated into 40 South Street! I haven't been back since the re-branding, but here's hoping it's still wonderful.

Food on the way: Ten Tables, Centre Street Cafe, or Fiore (mid-afternoon scone? um, yes!)


Urban Renewal - much like a goodwill

Goodwill - found some lovely green 60s glasses here...I think I will have to have a Mad Men party one of these days

Amvets - haven't been there yet, but it's on my list

Alter Eco - also on my list! someday soon.

Food on the way: bubble tea at Infusions, Herrell's Cafe, and finally, drinks and appetizers at Sunset Grill

Newbury Street

Second Time Around - classy consignment. Some very expensive, some less so..

The Closet - also consignment. Both have great accesories.

(plus numerous other stores, like Filene's, H&M, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and many other high-end designers)

Food on the way: pizza from Upper Crust (or, really, if I can afford it, L'Espalier. Because that food is amazing).

There are also many thrift stores across the border in New Hampshire, so I'm hoping to take a day trip up there sometime to explore...let me know if you are interested in such a trip!


Rick L said...

Oh, Bridget. Your thift stores. But it does come in handy when new to an apartment and in need of cheap stuff.

MissMIT said...

Wow, I feel like this entry was written for me. I can't decide what to try first!