Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ha! in my dreams!

So I was sitting here, still H1N1-stricken and bleary eyed, getting sick of trying to listen to my T cells fight off infection so I can finally get back to WORK when I thought about science. As much as I can think about science right now, which, let's be serious, isn't all that much. Anyways, I was pondering the interesting conundrum of scientific information and bioinformatics..and mostly how difficult it is to organize scientific information. Sure, we understand that the genome is a series of genes in different combinations and different reading frames and ooh..I lost you. Well, frankly, I lose myself in this sort of thing. The interfaces of current programs are mostly useless (more to come on that in a later post), and researching the relationships between different genes, different genera, different everything is just plain difficult.

So. My grand idea is facebook for science. No games, no apps, but yes...there will be profile pictures of protein structures, relationships between different species of arachnids and a way to connect different human physiology components all at once. Now, between wikipedia and the Encyclopedia of Life (a fantastic EO Wilson-sponsered site), science is trying...but the usability just still isn't there. Too bad I can't code or try and figure out what to do about such a problem. Maybe one of my H1N1 dreams will help (ha! right. Last night's dream was about saving the world with mashed potatoes...and yes, that is all I remember about it)

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