Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MIT is turning me into a survey nazi.

So...I've mentioned my aversion to giving useless gifts before. The thought of giving someone else something they cannot use, are allergic to, would rather die than wear, all that...what's the point? I like giving gifts that make a person's day happier, that make them so excited to receive that package that they can't stop smiling for at least five minutes.

So is it kosher to send out a survey that asks about favorite colors, or if they'd wear a scarf or not, or if they are allergic to any foods, or have any particular favorites? Is that weird? I feel like I know many of my friends really well, but that doesn't mean that I've been able to remember which of my friends has pierced ears (twice that's happened to me! ugh), which one is allergic to nuts (and you'd think I'd be able to remember that one) and the fact that one never wears scarves but the reason she doesn't isn't because she doesn't have any...it's because she hates the feeling of things around her neck. So yes...am I nuts to think this is an okay idea?

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