Wednesday, October 21, 2009

again with these dreams..oy

So last night (12 hours, guys! 12 hours!) I dreamed about meeting this girl and her mom.

(she's wearing a vintage prom dress. my kinda girl!)

Now, Jane is about as far removed from my life as you can possibly be...but she has some pretty rad things going for, not in the least her AMAZING shoe collection. She's a high schooler that has some pretty great high fashion genes and somehow owns a plethora of reallly expensive designer articles that are They're great.

But I suppose it speaks to my exhaustion that we didn't go shoe shopping or thrifting. Oh no...we went to a spa. Me and Jane and her mom. And they let me wear a pair of wonderful black platform boots for the trip (there was a train involved, I guess). And then somehow the color-coding of sea-cucumber organs came into play, but I don't really remember why. Ahh sickness-induced are ever-so-confusing.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe - i loved her so, until i found out that so much of her amazing collection IS her mom's. Nepotism.. *sigh*
Thanks for your kind words B, you make me happy. xo