Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm sitting now at home, stricken by some gawd-awful throat sore achy everywhere, stuff spewing from my nose, sore brain illness. MIT Medical says it's flu, but is it swine flu? (cue scary organ music with inter dispersed oinks)

Lucky me - the tests only give a specific diagnosis as to the type of flu, not whether it is swine flu or just a seasonal influenza (based on the subtype of sugars found on the virus coat---Ram Sasisekharan's lab here at MIT ftw!) ...so I'll likely never know. But for now, I am enjoying the awkward vivid dreams that come with so much sleep (I won a bed on Price is Right! For bidding $1000 after the crazy hippie wearing neon next to me bid $1999). Now - another nap? Yes please.


Rick L said...

sorry for the illness; I think it's my fault as that sounds a lot like what I had. I must have given it to you over Skype--you're the second person I've done that too.

Kyle said...

Feel better!