Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jazz Age Party on Governor's Island - The Dancing!

The most fun part of the party is the dancing and music that comes from Michael Arnella and his Dreamland Orchestra.  The costumes are fully on display, everyone is smiling, and watching our twenty-first century feet try and dance something akin to the twentieth century styles?  It's just...the best.

I feel like I've said that a lot about the experience, but it's true.  It's just such a great day.  So - if you want something fun to do in New York City, check out the Dreamland Orchestra's website.  They play Wednesdays at The Clover Club, as well as a Halloween Masquerade in October, a Winter Ball in December, and a Sweetheart Soiree in February (the latter being my idea of the best Valentine's Day ever!).  They actually do two Jazz Age parties - one in June, and one in August.  Check back early to get the dates on your calender, and if you're not local, definitely go for the VIP ticket.  It takes care of food and drink, and makes it very quick to get in.  Usually, I'm the person that is always game for a picnic, and while the food was just fine, having drink tickets for St. Germain cocktails and getting in early made the $50 VIP pass absolutely worth it.  The sooner I can get in to a place like this and party with "my people" - the happier I am.  




photo credit: Kyla

The man himself!  That suit.  Seriously. 

photo credit: Kyla



A trio of singers, serenading the crowd.

 One of the floor shows from the day.  The costumes were just incredible!

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