Sunday, November 3, 2013

New York City Eats - Taïm Falafel

While I'm not vegetarian, Kyla is, which gave me the opportunity to fine-tune our food destinations in a different way than usual.  And let's be serious, a successful trip to New York City for me is essentially walking until I'm tired and eating something, then repeating.  For the entire trip.

So - for a midafternoon snack, we headed to Taïm for falafel. 


So many options!

photo credit:  Kyla

The falafel sampler is the perfect fried snack for a summer day, and a cool salad is great for rehydrating.  Definitely a great option if you're in the Lower Manhattan!***

***technically Taïm is in Nolita.  But these neighborhood names, not quite something I know off the tip of my tongue...

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