Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sarra + Drink!

My second makeup appointment at Sarra was on a lovely summer day - and wouldn't you know, Sadie sent us both away with perfect eyebrows and all gussied up...


...for a cocktail at Drink!  I requested a tiki drink, and our bartender delivered with an amazing concoction delivered in the most amazing glass.  I asked him if anyone had ever stolen his prized glasses, and he sighed, saying, "You have no idea."

Definitely my favorite bar in Boston - hit it at 4pm when it opens, and you'll get a spot at the bar to watch the bartenders work their way through complicated drinks.  It's a basement establishment, so you do get a bit of light early on, but otherwise it gets a little on the dim side, lit only by Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling. 

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