Tuesday, December 31, 2013

St. Paul Eats: Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar

The evening out started at a friend's swanky apartment in Minneapolis (look at the view!) -- though overcast, you could still see the river, the bridge, and even St. Paul in the distance!

After a couple glasses of mulled wine, we walked ourselves over to Bachelor Farmer, the much-lauded Nordic project of Minnesota governor Mark Dayton's two sons. 

Cozy and the combination industrial-farmhouse that is so popular these days, we had the Sunday Supper price fixed meal - celery root remoulade with garlic aioli, a pastrami-pickled hard boiled egg, roast chicken with succulent roasted carrots and radishes, roast beef, cabbage rolls stuffed with whole grains, there wasn't a bad bite of food in the whole meal.  

And bonus, the dessert course was beautiful Christmas cookies and milk. 

A perfect accompaniment

Our next stop was the speakeasy Marvel Bar, located in the basement, but accessible only one you go outside, head towards the garbage bins, and talk to the chilly bouncer, standing outside checking IDs.  You walk through the door, then through a hallway, and enter through a purple door.  And then you're there!

Eric and his whiskey flight. 

Snacks served at the bar:  olives, GORP, or cheetos.  Obviously, we had to have some cheetos.

Things I want: white ceramic lucky cat glasses. 
(sad, I could only find one online, and it was sold!)

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