Sunday, December 15, 2013

Harry Potter Feast

After our 1963 Throwback Party was such a roaring success, we came up with the idea of doing a Harry Potter Feast - and wow, what a fun night. 

I was in charge of the Honeydukes Sweets table, and gave all sorts of candies a Harry Potter identity (I had way too much fun with this...who doesn't want to name things chocolate quaffles and nutty nifflers?)

I also bought frog molds to make chocolate frogs - which turned out great but were a much greater time commitment than I had time for.


Our Chef Chip works with bonsai trees in his spare time, and wouldn't you know, his new maple is a dead ringer for the Whomping Willow!


The dining hall, decked out in school colors.

Cauldron Cakes and snitches complement a British-themed menu perfectly!

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