Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wine Tasting and Cocktails --out on the town

It was time again for another wine tasting, this time with the theme of Italy.  The food was plentiful, the guests were excited, and the prosecco was flowing!











And by some miracle, I ended up double-booked for the evening, as a certain Serious Eats' editor's guest at Thirst Boston, a cocktail showcase for people "in the industry."  Me, not in the industry...but apparently my pluck at Kenji's MIT Museum steak demo and the email I sent him that night about my Midsommar event that night added up to an impromptu "I have an extra ticket, would you like to join me?" email.  And was I ever game!

The event was a black tie cocktail extravaganza held at the Harvard Club on Commonwealth Ave in Boston - I hadn't heard a single thing about their week of events, but now that I know about them, you can bet I'll be attending their "High Tea with Drambuie" if they repeat it next year.


The irony is, I had attended a malaria conference in the same spot the week prior (see picture above) - and the thumping bass and tipsy adults seemed completely out of place.  However the many drink stations, themed by base liquor, made up for the strange club atmosphere.  I'm all about music, but sheesh.  If I have to yell at what is supposed to be a networking event, it's too loud.

Now, this is the most unflattering photo I have ever seen of myself, ever.  Literally ever.  But - it is too fun not to post.  I did a shot on an ice luge!  And Kenji took the picture!

Needless to say, there were no red or blue lights for the malaria event.

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