Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Either to the cabin in Minnesota (apparently the lows are hovering in the 50s overnight) --- or to the Tree Hostel in Sweden. This heat---it's so hot I just don't even know what to do, except languish at home with fans and washcloths and litres of cool water from the fridge...there's nothing else to do, evidently. Forget about cooking, washing dishes, working on the computer, cleaning, not to mention the piles of ironing still undone from Midsummer. So---tree hostel. Done.

Edit: I just found over $200 of unused giftcards in my financial stuff. From college graduation. And before that. I feel lucky and slightly like a doofus all at once. Also---tonight actually wasn't as hot as it has been! Thank goodness. I at least got the dishes done, for one.


Emily said...

Don't go to Scandinavia - it's not cool here! (Actually, I have no idea about Sweden. But Finland is making me relieve the good old East Coast summer humidity...)

I keep thinking about you and your family's summer cottage as I see everybody retreating to the lakes here. That definitely seems like a pleasant retreat. But, of course, some JP Licks could be nice too.

muffin said...

I just saw this wallpaper and it made me think of you!