Tuesday, July 6, 2010

so hot outside

I'm pretty sure that the only thing that saved me from the 98ºF temperatures yesterday was watching the 1961 "Parent Trap" while drinking an ice cold root beer, having a cold salad for dinner, gorging on raspberries and finishing it off with homemade coffee ice cream.

And then Eric called from the cabin teasing me with his 70ºF and breezy forecast for northern Minnesota. Jerk.

And then I didn't sleep all night. Tossing and turning, even with the fans, angry at the world for being SO HOT. I showed up this morning looking like a zombie. Apparently "I didn't look so good."

Then I watched the movie Gasland tonight (after a completely unproductive day, which is terrible given that I have so much to do!) --- and now I'm depressed. And hot. So, as I cool off...and drink my liter of before-bed ice cold water, let's talk more about the Parent Trap!

This post from Design Sponge got me started - they have an ongoing series of decor ideas based on different movies. Now, the post was themed more on the camp portion of the movie---the old school girl's camps, just like the one my mom worked at and I later attended (RIP, Ojiketa).

But what I realized was---whoa---Sharon lived in Boston! Neat-o, I say.

Which basically means that the next, oh, six visitors to Boston are going to have to join me on Hayley Mills fangirl tours trying to find her house near the Boston Common (I'm not sure it exists, but I'm certainly not going to tell my guests that particular tidbit!)

And the father's ranch house oh my! What mid-century amazingness.

All right, I'm off to bed...with dreams of vintage dresses and suitcases gracing my (hopeful) sleep. For I report to jury duty in Lowell at 8 am tomorrow morning. Joy.

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