Saturday, July 24, 2010

the Saturday night update

A. I'm pretty sure I love Single Ladies. I have no idea why. I could listen to this song on loop. Forever. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. Jury's out.

B. My camera batteries were dead today for blueberry picking and meat and candlepin bowling. Complete travesty, I say. However---I still have about 30 peaches, 4 quarts of blueberries and some sweet corn. I'm going to freeze some of the corn for corn fritters this winter, and the peaches will be boiled and de-skinned tomorrow for various cobbler/crisp/fool/crumble varieties. Blueberries---I think I'm actually going to freeze most of them for smoothies. Some however, will stick around for a blueberry crumb bar made in my tart pans.

C. I have red tomatoes! And the mint has been great in mojitos. Basil is still having a hard time - I'm definitely going to put it on the other side of the Penthouse next year. Speaking of the garden, another GRT and I are meeting up tomorrow for a picnic to put together a plan to really make this garden thing a sustainable success. We're going to come up with recipes for some of the herbs for early in the semester and then do some convincing that the un-used photo development room would be better as a seedling startup closet. I keep browsing rooftop garden blogs, seeking out good ideas for flowers and vegetables. There's also the prospect for a morning glory installation, and I'm going to root for blueberries. We'll see. I also want to get us some publicity through MIT's website and the environmental things going on here at MIT. I mean, it's pretty baller to see the solar car just driving around on Albany Street, but it's also pretty awesome to provide students with a opportunity for fresh herbs and vegetables on their dorm roof.

D. McCormick needs AC. There. I said it. It's hot. And seriously, the energy I'm wasting on fans would be better invested in actually cooling the room instead of blowing air around.

E. The freezer in the closet (after the months of trying) is a no-go. Apparently even though there is already an outlet attached to the lightbulb, electricians will not condone the putting in of another outlet. So---I'm high and dry and McCormick has gained a freezer. Sigh. Better learn how to can.

F. The construction next door...still loud, and since they've chopped down my trees, it seems like all they've been doing is pushing dirt around.

G. My hair is a lot happier when I condition it every day. I know, it took me that many years to figure that out. I wear makeup so infrequently that I'd rather invest in copious amounts of conditioner to keep my hair nice.

H. Teaser picture found in a book from the library:
There's no way I'll be able to find this exact vantage point, so yes. Very cool.

I. I'm playing horn for a friend's wedding in August---let's just say between Simple Gifts, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and get this---Star Wars! well, I am so excited to play. It also reminds me that I really miss brass quintet. A lot. Also, my cue for Jesu is "man and wife" ---and all I'm going to be able to think about is Princess Bride's "Maaan and wiiife." Hopefully I'll get the giggles out during the rehearsal.

J. One day, I'd love to learn how to actually braid my hair. Just sayin'.

K. My genetics professor from IWU was in town yesterday as his son is looking at MIT for undergrad (course 6/ computer science). It was wonderful to see him. Wonderful.

L. Day three of teaching tomorrow! And there was a bit of miscommunication between my butcher and I at Savenor's (yes, the Julia Child Savenor's) -- so the beef heart demo will have to wait til next week. Beef heart, you say? Yes. There is no way to better learn about a heart then when you can hold it in your hands, turn it around, poke around into the vena cava, get a feel for it. No preserved heart can do that, and I challenge a plastic model to do the same.

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