Thursday, July 15, 2010

some bragging is in order.

One of the girls I TA'd in general biology at Illinois Wesleyan is this year's Miss Illinois!

She had been all ready and set to go to medical school at the University of Illinois in the fall, but it looks like she'll have to delay this for a year! (also, does anyone else find it odd that talents are strictly limited to dancing and music?)

Can't people have, you know, other talents? Like being able to fold laundry really quickly? Or make a dinner for four that meets very odd dietary requirements on the cheap that tastes delicious? Or be really good at splitting Plasmodium cultures? Or have a talent for organizing things? I mean, is my best talent anything that could be played onstage? No. Not that I look anywhere near good enough in a bathing suit to ever think about entering a competition like this, but the scholarship money whoa baby.

[seen here at her magnificent senior recital at IWU]

And then this lady decided that she'd do a rip-roaring AMAZING job in her show of Cosi fan tutte at the Schönnbrun in Vienna.

"At the forefront is Ariana Strahl's Fiordiligi, the largest, most beautiful, most well-directed voice of the evening"

Um, can you say proud much?

Then, there's this lady, who just passed her board exams for med school:
[look at us, all spiffed up for John Wesley Powell!]

And to top it all off, it's this lovely lady's fourth wedding anniversary! What a beautiful day it was!

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