Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 2010

[leftover blooms from Midsommar]

Whoever decided that time should be able to move this fast...not okay. Not okay.


Project H Design is working to use smart design in solving some of the world's biggest problems. I love it. See here for more.

Remember this painting?


Well, a brilliant flickr user decided to stage a real-life version of the painting. Incredible.

The most beautiful tilt-shift time lapse video of a day in New York City, courtesy of Sam O'Hare. Love.

The Wikipedia Game. So fun to play. I won this one, actually. In some ways, I think this could be a really useful game for students to play to get them to think about connections between different things, whether they be geographical, topic-based, person-based...very intriguing connections.

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo. Like I needed another reason to visit Iceland. [via Cup of Jo]

Improv Everywhere. Genius. From raising awareness about the New York Public Library's budget shortfall (37 million, folks. Yikes) by bringing back the Ghostbusters to creating a "tourists" vs. "New Yorkers" lane for pedestrian it.

Jan Vormann uses legos to patch up buildings in Italy

Things to look forward to:

--Wedding number two of the summer is this Saturday - and I have made so many cakes and frostings in the past month it's crazy! But things are tasting wonderful, and between German chocolate cake, lemon cake, a white wedding cake with cherry filling and buttercream frosting, carrot cake, flourless chocolate cake, plus the cheesecake I'm making on Friday night, there will be something for everyone. The weather is supposed to be good, and I'm sure it'll be an absolutely lovely afternoon.

--A Sun-day of rest. I still need to catch up with a zillion things from before my trip to Minnesota, but I have until 8 pm to finish them (then---fireworks!). But yes. I will get quite a lot done.

--Fourth of July in Boston with this view:

(tall buildings are the Hancock on the left, Prudential on the right)

to watch these fireworks:

(the Prudential building is on the far right; from here)

They just set up the first barges this morning, and it's going to be an incredible show with a gorgeous view---plus spending time with lots of great friends and food? What a lovely idea for a day.

--I won a Flor rug. Whoa. Thanks Jess LC for the giveaway! I cannot wait to find the perfect spot to cover up my ugly-industrial-ugly-purple-speckled carpet. (McCormick, I love you. And college, I love you too. But I hate that the mistakes of a few have to spoil dorm carpets for the rest of us. Le sigh).

--Jury Duty. Lowell, MA. July 7th. I am so ready?

--No visitors, and only day trips. Why you ask, am I so excited about this? Well, my schedule has felt incredibly harried and busy since my brother visited in March...which is a long time. And I love love love visitors and trips and things, but I am not in the groove of "normal life" right now. Additionally, my exercise routine hasn't been the same since, and I object. So does the dress I hope to fit in to perform in an August wedding. Whoops. So, this will be a time to rededicate myself to getting things done. I'm going to be using the teeny McCormick gym for most of the summer, too, partly because it's in the Penthouse and I have to water plants every morning anyway, and partly because it's open earlier in the summer since no one is really living in McCormick, and there's a bonus of a TV! There's still nothing on at 6:30 am, but it does have a DVD player. I'm going to slowly work my way through McCormick's movie collection, and hopefully by the time school starts back up in late August I will deserve the Netflix subscription and the netbook to use said Netflix in the real people gym across the way. We'll see how I do.

--Day trip to Brimfield with the lab! Great antiques and delicious bbq, here I come!

--A Saturday in Maine is in the works for either July or August - can't wait for a day spent reading on the beach and eating lobstah.

--The anatomy/physiology class I'm teaching is starting up. Gulp. I'm far from ready, but the wheels are turning. The Sun-day off will help with organizing this effort as well.

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