Monday, October 18, 2010


Email from my professor this morning at 10 am:

The assignment in Golan for this lecture is Chapter 5, but that is a little thin for my lectures, so I have added (and uploaded) 2 papers that are essential reading assignments. I have also uploaded today's slides.

Really?  Two papers, by 1:30 pm today?  Really?

Add that to the fact that I didn't get paid this September, jeez. Thank goodness for MIT's payroll employees that are on the ball and figured it out for me.

Now to try and figure out when to squeeze in a trip to the Verizon store at Cambridgeside Mall (oh the horror!  I bet they already have Christmas stuff up) --- my phone can last about five minutes on full battery, which is why there has been a distinct lack of long-walk-based phone calls recently, a real shame.

Oh.  And take around muffins, figure out why Netflix thinks I've already opened an account with them (?), plan meals for the next couple of days, do my laundry, make dinner, collapse.

And my thesis proposal is November 29th.  Commence studying. 

(fact of the day: there's a gene called hERG that stands for "human ether a-go-go" after the dancin' legs of flies with a mutation in this gene when they are put under with ether-based anesthetic.  Thanks, William D. Kaplan.  I wish there was a video, but no luck) 

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