Wednesday, October 6, 2010

new household addition!

After this fiasco and missing all of the Olympic coverage, ice skating, everything---I decided that I needed a TV. Well, wanted a TV. And so, after discovering quite a few unused Target giftcards and quite the sale, I had a 32" TV shipped to McCormick.  It was quite the box.

But  It looks like it was meant to be there! 

But don't be took about two hours and lots of pulling down shelves, moving things, screwdrivers, all that...turning my apartment into an absolute disaster.  And this was all to figure out that wow, the stand that it's on won't fit at all.  Since the shelves are on a slant, if you set the tv + tv stand on the desk portion, it just wouldn't fit.  Balderdash.  But I futzed and cursed and wished my brother was there, and finally came up with the idea of just balancing it on the ledges of the shelves, and because of the slant, the top of the tv rests surprisingly sturdily on the vertical posts of the shelves.  Precarious?  Not at all.  But to put at least my mother at ease, the set-up has been Mech-E grad student  stress-test approved, which means I am go for launch!

...too bad the dumb TV box didn't include any cables with it, so all I can do is turn it on and change the clock.  Then I bought an HDMI male/male cable and an HDMI to mac cable at the suggestion of the employee at Microcenter, only to figure out that telling someone you'd like to connect your computer to your tv so you can watch movies doesn't mean that said employee will tell you how to include SOUND in this discussion.  So I'm currently soundless, and patiently waiting for my student amazon prime shipping for my headphone connection.  Then, my friends, there shall be Stargate. 

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