Saturday, October 23, 2010

not what I planned on today.

But it did include a hard cider and Stargate, even if these things were by my lonesome.  But I also shouldn't fail to note that I have a roof over my head, people who care about me, fresh rosemary from my garden, carrot cake muffins to bake tomorrow, friends who come to my orchestra concerts and today was a beautiful day.  No, it wasn't a beautiful day on the Cape.  But it was a beautiful day. 


So go suck an elf, flour beetles and thirty yeast minipreps-turned Mach1 transformations.  You are so not worth my time.

Now---I'm going to going to put on my homemade skanky dirdl and beat the crap out of Barbie Peep.  Or read some Jane Austen, do the dishes, and go to bed.  Because that's how I roll.

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