Thursday, October 7, 2010


As many of you might now, Polaroid stopped producing its iconic film two years ago, much to the chagrin of polaroid enthusiasts and photographers everywhere. A few former employees have set up shop in an attempt to recreate the film and bring it back to life, but until then, loving what is already there is all we've got. It's called The Impossible Project, and while they're on the road to recreating this film, it does merit the question...why? Why do we care?

Many of my favorite photographers use Polaroid as a medium that expresses spontaneity and beauty, and one of these is Shannon Leith, a photographer who received her BFA from Biola in California. For her senior design project, she had a room filled with polaroids where attendees of the show were encouraged to take a piece that spoke to them.

She had a few leftover, and I ended up getting one in the mail!

Add that to the fact that I just found an old polaroid camera in unclaimed storage...and it looks like I'll have a chance to try the medium for myself. If I can stomach paying $40 for a roll of film. Yikes.  Maybe I'll just hold onto it for awhile...

Speaking of  The Gaga was here.

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