Friday, October 1, 2010

October 2010

Say hello to a weekend full of studying, trying to get over these nasty barometric pressure-changes-induced sinus headaches, and working on my poster for the BE Retreat.  That, and finally catching up on packages and letters to send, for I am woefully behind in that department....


My Body Gallery: proof that women who are the exact same height and exact same weight can look completely different...a redefinition of what it is like to be "normal."  Put in your height and weight and see the spectrum. It's pretty amazing.

Colander as succulent planter. Why didn't I think of that?!

Originally seen on Share Some Candy (artist Will Bryant)

Ikea's brilliant new cookbook; so pretty!  (these are before and after pictures of kannebullar, or almond cinnamon rolls)

The broken ceramic pottery of Li Xiaofeng

The story of the Voynich Manuscript...all I want to do is get out a pen and paper and try to crack the code!

Tilt-shift Van Gogh...genius!

...and just plain funny:

Star Wars status updates.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I laughed just as loud at these. 

Things to look forward to:

--first orchestra concert of the year!  Chadwick is going to kill me, or at least make me beg for an oxygen tank:

--data!  I have some.  And today was so incredibly productive it hurt.  So much accomplished.  Now, to get back into malaria culturing, lots of DNA, and more progress.  Finally.

--apple-picking and the apple dessert study break!  Mmm, pie.

--Opening Gala Concert of the Boston Symphony Orchestra -- tomorrow night!  I'm going to get all gussied up and enjoy some lovely Wagner.

--Mechanisms of Drug Action.  Despite the 150 pages of reading this weekend (?!  come on.  Seriously?)  ---this is a class that is making me stay interested in chemistry.  Which, if you know me, is really hard.  A penchant for dyslexia makes remembering a nucleophile versus an electrophile really hard.  Phile means likes, electro means electrons, so do electrophiles like getting electrons?  Or do they have them and like giving them away?  I seriously cannot remember this for the life of me, and it keeps making me look ridiculous.  Never you mind that these things make complete sense in anatomy and physiology..but chemistry and those bond things?  Not so much.  So--here's to learning to not look ridiculous, especially with a thesis committee composed of three bioengineers with chemistry backgrounds (wait, why did I do that, again?)

And with that, I've finished my mug of tea, and it's time for bed.

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