Saturday, July 5, 2014

Boston Eats: Alive and Kicking Lobsters

The best lobster roll I've ever had was up at a gas station in Maine.  It was incredible. 

But here in town, I haven't really explored lobster roll options.  Partially because lobsters are a bit pricy, I only have so much money in my budget for food.  But the other part is that the lobster roll up in Maine was so good that I can't imagine having it anywhere else but up in Maine, on the beach, with a beer.  It just can't be beat. 

But.  For the time when you have a sibling in town and it's gorgeous out and you can't get up to Maine, Alive and Kicking is a very worthwhile choice. 

Across the street from the River Street Whole Foods in Cambridgeport, it's nestled among the three story multi-family homes, with a shed in the back for the lobsters, and a lovely little shaded porch for customers to enjoy their seafood. 

Perfectly weathered tables. 

The soda is worth it. 

Instead of the traditional roll, they serve the lobster on toasted and buttered white bread. 

$18 for a lobster roll, chips, and's a little steep.  But hey, for a once-in-awhile treat, totally worth it.  

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