Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boston Sights: Georges Island

A wonky spring and awkward start to summer meant that Britt came in the sliver of time between strawberry and blueberry season, so the berry-picking and Walden Pond trip was a bust.  However--a trip through the Boston Harbor to George's Island was the perfect substitute. 

The 40 minute ride out and back on the ferry costs only $15, which is a great deal.  The only issue visiting the Harbor Islands (a Massachusetts State Park)--- is that they close at 6pm, so the island essentially shuts down at 4:30 pm.  No more concessions, no more wandering, essentially everyone is waiting in a long line to get back on the ferry.  If Britt hadn't gotten in so late, a morning trip and coming back at 3pm would have been perfect, rather than spending a leisurely hour in the shade waiting for the ferry. 

But even so, what a trip!  It was a gorgeous summer day, and everyone smelled of sunscreen. 

Georges Island is home to a pentagonal fort that used to guard Boston against invaders.  (seriously, look at all those cannons...they were not messing around).

Barnacle Bulbasaur

My city is sparkling!

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