Thursday, July 17, 2014

Boston Sights: The Freedom Trail

Every trip to Boston should include walking the Freedom Trail.  Everyone says, "so full of tourists!"  ...I say, try walking through the infinite on a normal day at 9 am, now there's tourists for you.

(Britt totally thought I was joking about MIT being a tourist destination...she was astonished when she realized when waiting for me at 77 Mass Ave one morning, nope, I wasn't kidding.  Tour bus after tour bus dropped off scads of people, following umbrella'd tour guides like ducklings).

Believe it or not, this was the first time I had been in Faneuil Hall!  Every other time I've been on the Freedom Trail it's been closed for an event. 

Why yes, I would like some french fries.

Paul Revere!

A small garden off Old North Church was opened up; another new thing for my trip with Britt! 

Back in the day, Eric and I found a street mysteriously named "Snelling Place" in the North End...strange, given that I'd only ever heard Snelling back in Minnesota.  Sure enough, a bit of research, and I found the connection!

The best idea?  Buying $20 worth of pastries at Modern to bring home for dinner. 

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